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COVID19 is impacting so many small businesses and we are making it our mission to adapt. Look out for possible adaptations! We will, of course, adhere to carry out only. Stay safe & we love our community! 


 BBQ done right.

Fresh meats, slow cooked with an emphasis on quality. 


We see great BBQ as a means to bring people together. And to get there, That Hawaiian Guy slow smokes all his meat in a wood burning pit featuring oak and fruit woods for up to 14 hours. Each sauce and side are made from scratch using local ingredients, when available.



Before the sun rises, the smoking process starts and That Hawaiian Guy monitors and adjusts the smoker to ensure every morsel to touch a fork balances smoke, seasoning, and the natural flavors of the meat to create that "Oh My Goodness" moment with each bite. Hours of tweaking ingredients, the amounts and types of woods, and combinations of anything and everything culminated into non-stop request for Rachael to “taste this” and “try that”.


That Hawaiian Guy's BBQ started as a passion project. Duane, That Hawaiian Guy, cooked for family and friend gatherings as far back as the 8th grade with Hawaiian style Fried Rice for friends and family at sleepovers. As “the tribe” (friends and family) grew, so did his focus on making what he loved to do, his career. He started throwing BBQs at his house and neighborhoods, where he invited everyone to stop by, try the food, and provide feedback.  The food created a buzz around how much love went into the food.  This quickly grew into catering for parties ranging from Draft Parties to Graduation Parties to We just wanted to have a BBQ Parties.  


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