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-About Us-

Duane, That Hawaiian Guy, began cooking for family gatherings in the eighth grade. His passion for food developed as he got older and his tribe got larger. As “the tribe” (friends and family) grew, so did his focus on turning his passion into a career. Duane would throw BBQs at his house for friends and family, where neighbors would stop by, try the food, and provide feedback; which quickly evolved into catering for parties, weddings, and other events. 


We manually feed the fire

with a blend of oak and fruit woods.


We have made some changes to our business; like prioritizing catering by no longer serving food at our storefront. While we still smoke our meat and prepare our food in Burton, please check our pop-up schedule if you'd like to visit us and eat some delicious food. If you would like us to cater your event (examples: company luncheon, graduation party, wedding, family/school reunion, award ceremony, team dinner, etc), please click HERE

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