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Hawaiian Guy's BBQ 101



It's like a snowflake. Every brisket is different. There is a fatty "point" side and a lean "flat" side. We cut each brisket to order, so it follows the "life is like a box of chocolates" principle. Of course, we will work to accommodate any request, but cannot guarantee based on what we have at that time




We hand pull a whole, smoked shoulder. We strive to combine all the meat and deliciousness. Naturally, you may get fattier pieces at times, while other times get more bark and is a part of the experience with legitimate, pulled pork and we work to evenly distribute the parts of the shoulder as best as we can see the smoke ring as well.


All smoke meat is placed on the smoker and left there for hours on end over a variety of different woods. We use time and the flavor from the smoke/wood to create our BBQ experience. Meat is sourced locally as well as from beef from the USA that is humanely raised and not treated with antibotics=quality matters!



Many have asked why the pink has a pinker color in areas and if it's cooked...Yes. The pink is a desirable effect from smoke penetrating the surface of the meat. Rest assured we take the temperature of all food that is served.


It's a Hawaiin thing. We could apply it to most Asian Cultures. It's a staple. Plate lunches in Hawaii are served with protein, steamed white rice scoops, and a side (go for a Mac Salad to get the authentic Hawaiin plate experience). 



To keep it simple, Hawaiian is a blend of Asian cultures. It is not necessarily the pineapple you see associated with Hawaii, even though it is plentiful there. It is more about the local foods and flavors like soy, ginger, garlic, and Mayo. The staples on our menu that pull from the Hawaiin side are Huli and Mochiko chicken. Our menu is not ALL Hawaiin. Our pork and brisket pull from BBQ on the mainland.


We seek opportunities to partner with local, sustainable farmers that care about quality. We feature all kinds of products ranging from local pickles from "Bold Pickins" in CLE/Akron, to local cheeses from Middlefield. The vendors may rotate and change based on season and business needs, but the mission stays the same

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